News: Mathematics Systems for MCERT.

System providing data for: MCERTS Certification of Sewage Treatment Works

Stirling have developed a series of Mathematical Controllers that will allow Water Utilities companies to connect their flowmeter analogue and digital signals and provide a series of summated outputs that deliver the data in a format required by MCERTS Emissions Monitoring.

Using powerful Phoenix Contact AutomationWorx ILC Controllers with maximum I/O flexibility, system expansion and site requirements are easily tailored to suit you!

The system provides an in-box capability for 4 Flowmeters (1 Analogue Input, 1 Alarm Input and 1 Pulse Input), but Ethernet provided to allow expansion via Remote Data Gathering / Distributed I/O technology (via Modbus TCP) if the Flowmeter signals are not local. The signals from the Flowmeters are duplicated and presented to the terminal rail for Telemetry / SCADA monitoring if required. GSM/GPRS Embedded Controllers are also available meaning Remote Access, SMS, E-mail and Wireless Alarming possibilities.

Solid State Relays act as the interposing interface for Flowmeter Pulse signals, whilst standard relays interpose the Fault signals. The Fault signals are critical for ensuring that calculation accuracy is maintained. Analogue Signals are isolated via Signal Isolators / Duplicators with Trim Functionality.

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